Stop Smoking and Curb Cravings

By using this hypnosis program you can easily and effectively achieve your goal to stop smoking and rid yourself of those old unwanted cravings for nicotine. I know you will be successful at quitting smoking because you are ready to start a new chapter in your life to learn new skills and reclaim your power over cigarettes, be more powerful than nicotine. A thought of smoking is just that, only a thought - not a craving, and because it is only a thought you can change your thoughts by telling yourself you are powerful and no longer willing to feel the effects of nicotine on your health, you are no longer willing to smell like cigarettes, you are no longer willing to burn your money up in smoke or to subject the people you love to cigarette smoke. Just think about all of the benefits of stopping smoking now.

This hypnosis recording includes a powerful induction for deep relaxation and creative imagery that allows you to become deeply relaxed very quickly, easily and effectively. The music has been embedded with theta wave music to help you enjoy the sensation of relaxation and to receive hypnotic suggestions and inspirational affirmations. So just sit back and enjoy this hypnotic recording. This recording should not be used while driving or anytime your full attention is needed and it is not meant to replace psychiatric care, medications or therapy.

Note: It is recommended that our hypno-therapy recordings are listened via headphones.


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