Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that can help you focus and concentrate easily and effectively. While being in this deep state of relaxation you are open to a suggestion that is compatible with what you want in a natural effective way. A suggestion can only be the suggestion you would like to have and suggestions that are not compatible with you will not be received by you. Many people have used hypnosis to achieve reaching their full potential, manage physical or psychological symptoms, increase a deep state of relaxation and develop skills and coping strategies. People go through a hypnotic state every day, every time one zones out or drives by landmarks and does not remember driving by them, experienced a form of hypnosis. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis and has been used since early times as depicted in hieroglyphics on the ancient pyramids

The human mind has the miraculous ability to operate on more than one level at the same time. For example, your conscious thoughts can be busy planning your day while your subconscious mind is keeping you safe while driving to work. In this example you may suddenly realize that you’ve driven five miles without consciously attending to driving, and yet you have performed a very complex task feeling safe and in control. A trained clinical Hypnotherapist can help you enter into a state of mind in which you can communicate directly with your subconscious emotions. In this state, even well-established patterns of behavior can be open to change.

Most of the time our subconscious mind helps us, as in the driving example above, but there are times when our subconscious can interfere with our higher goals. For instance, we may make a decision to quit smoking, to improve our eating habits, or to improve our work or sports performance only to find that subconscious emotions sabotage our good intentions. Hypnosis appears to bypass the critical part of our conscious mind and have a powerful impact on the unconscious and conscious mind to be successful in what we would like to accomplish.

Hypnosis has been effective to help manage phobias, trauma, recovery, depression or emotional problems. Hypnosis used in this way has been proven to be safe and very powerful, since the focus is on your personal goals. The Hypnotherapist is guided by your intentions and your values to help you live in a way that is more true to yourself.

Hypnosis is usually used from one to three sessions, for habit change such as stopping smoking or losing weight and has also been found to be very successful in many areas of life in developing new skills, behaviors and thought patterns to be used in place of maladaptive ones. Few insurance plans cover this treatment, but the health and financial benefits usually repay the personal investment very quickly.

These electronic recordings are not considered to be a substitute for medical or psychological consultations with a health care professional. Recordings should always be used in a safe place and is not to be used while driving a car or operating machinery or when your attention is needed. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact Carol Hooper, at Hypno-Works.com. Also personalized CD’s are available upon request.